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Thinking of adding buildings, expanding or remodeling your current self­-storage facility? Determine the cost to expand or renovate your storage property with this calculator.

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Due to the current volatility in prices of materials these numbers may not reflect the current costs of construction.
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Our Property Expansion Quote Calculator is the perfect tool for anyone looking to expand or remodel their current self-storage facility. This calculator uses a variety of factors including your facility's climate controlled square footage, non-climate controlled square footage and covered square footage to give you an estimate of the construction costs associated with expanding or remodeling your storage facility. This service is 100% FREE.

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Texas Storage Investors is dedicated to helping clients through every step of the commercial real estate process. Whether you’re buying your first self-storage facility or developing an entirely new storage property, Texas Storage Investors is committed to providing you with all the resources and expert advice you need to get the most out of your storage facility investment.

To determine the cost of expanding or remodeling your self-storage facility, simply complete the provided form and click Calculate. You’ll get your results instantly!

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